Around the World in 44 days

Well it has been a very crazy few weeks….well going into months actually.  I find myself in Rogers, Arkansas this week.  It is a little gem of a city and home of Walmart.  Great peeps and great course.  Pinnacle has undergone a make-over and what a success it is.  I’m really looking forward to teeing it up on Friday.  But, before that happens I need to recover from the road trip leading up to here.  San Diego-Dallas (for a lesson)-Lytham (for the British)-Wales (Wales tourney) Iraq (goodwill tour)-Colorado (Hall of Fame Induction)-Portland (Safeway Classic)-Callgary (CN tourney)-Dallas (another lesson)-and now here in Rogers.

Although I love my job and being on the links, the highlight was definitely Iraq.  I was blessed to go last year and had the opportunity again this summer.  You all can be proud of our men and women serving our country and fighting and protecting us.  Tim Williams from the Examiner has written an outstanding article that articulates my experience probably better than I could.  I have attached the link below.  When I arrive home after this week I promise to post more pics of my trip and anything else I think you may have an interest in.  Thanks for reading and stay tuned!


2 Responses to “Around the World in 44 days”

  1. SPC Hernandez Says:

    Thank you for coming to Iraq! It was great to have ya’ll here!

  2. LTC Jeff Ash Says:

    I really enjoyed the clinic you all held in the gym on Victory and out at Lost Lake.

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