I’m sooooo happy to be home for a few days!  The San Diego weather is cooperating to make my home time extremely enjoyable.  The gals from the LPGA are  playing in the Samsung tournament this week at Torrey Pines.  They all seem to be having a marvelous time here in Sunny Southern Cal.  We took in the Padres game last night and then meandered over to the Tilted Kilt for a little pool.  Apparently I have some work to do on the green felt surface.

Arkansas was a little rough for me.  I was truly disappointed with my play.  I feel I’m on  the road to some great golf and not be able to put up the mental fight I needed to make it happen was disheartening.  Hopefully a little R&R will leave me fresh for Danville and Alabama.  I’ve made some really good progress from the beginning of the year but took my “one step back” last week.  The good news is that leaves me in line for two steps forward!

Hope you all are doing well.  Thanks for checking back with me.  I’ll let you know of any and all exciting things happening.

Oh yes….nice hat trick this past weekend with wins coming from the Trojans, Broncos, and San Diego.  I’m going to soak it up while it lasts!


2 Responses to “hmmmmm???”

  1. derek gilchrist Says:

    Hi Jill, I don’t know if you’ll recall we played last at the LPGA event at the Ridge in Auburn & had another terrific day with you & your caddy, your Dad. My son, Jeff & I had a great time with you as always. We played together a couple of times before. Always the best of times on & off the course. I have a great picture of you, your Dad, Jeff & I after we finished our last round together & I wanted to get a copy to you & your Dad. Please let us know how we can forward the shot to you. We’re not set up to do it over the computer. Lastly, you had a very close friend of ours, their daughter, Michelle, act as you standard bearer at the Blackhawk event, I told Michelle to say Hi! to you, but she was concerned for you with the tough day putting & didn’t want to bother you. I had her ask for you if she had the chance & she was so happy she worked the board for you those days. In any event, continued success. We’ve followed you closely & we can see you are coming closer each time you tee it up! Take care & best wishes to your Dad as well. yours in golf, Derek Gilchrist

  2. Michael Hanlon Says:

    Met your dad at Blackhawk while walking a few of the holes. He’s a pretty nice guy. Very cordial and couldn’t believe he came back to find me because he forgot to ask me my name. Met your husband while you were practicing your putting after your round. Also a nice guy, but I think he was fibbing about his golf game. I’m guessing he’s pretty good. Got a bet with a buddy of mine that you are going to win an LPGA event by the time we come watch you play at Blackhawk next year. Like the way your swinging right now, but hope to see few more putts start dropping. I lived in Denver for a while so I’m liking the way the Broncos are playing this year also!!! You’ve been my favorite golfer for quite a while, so it was a blast to see you play live for the first time at Blackhawk!! Best of luck, catch some good waves!!!

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